From the Meadow - Belmont

Brenda and Dave Daniel and family operate From the Meadow, and home of the “Farmacy”, taking pride in organically growing, harvesting, and manufacturing a line of pure organic, chemical free products that address a wide variety of common illnesses. The quality of the product with its ongoing healing success stories has now attracted interest from all over North America. From The Meadow is proud to be family owed and operated and able to offer alternatives to health care off the family farm in Elgin County.

Fred and Elva Pilkington, lived on this farm for over 65 years and Fred was still ploughing fields when he was 80 plus years. Approximately 50 years ago, the barn burned down, and barn dances were held at the new location to help pay for the cost of re-building. Dave and Brenda have lived here since l978 raising Beef Cattle, and for over 20 years raised Breeder Turkey Hens.

The quilt block, “Meadow Flower”, depicts the native plants Brenda uses in her business.

Updates from From the Meadow

Had a cute little story of the day. Just saying I like to store and hoard fabric. A lady travelling home to Toronto, likes to travel thru the country. She spotted the quilt block, and wondered about them, and came in. Explained it to her, and she came in the shop, and then took her on a herb ride, and went down thru the Meadow. Pulled carrots, corn, spaghetti squash, beets etc. Went to the woods. In conversation, she mentions she is a fabric sales lady. I was quite humoured that my fabric, could start a store. It was fun, and she ended up giving me a quilt kit.. The Tucson Tracks. Gave her the map, for both. We were both very happy. That is the story. A Good Quilt Trail Story. Cheers Brenda