South Dorchester Community Hall - Springfield

The original old village structure built in the 1800s served its time as a village school until 1967 when central schools came into being and amalgamated the students from the surrounding one room schools. Following that, the Optomist Club operated the space until 2010 and still operate the community programs at the Hall.

The South Dorchester Community Hall and Malahide Fire Department #4 was built in 2010 and features a community hall to seat up to 85 with a fully-equipped kitchen, together with a modern Fire Station, all at one site.

Plenty of free parking handles the crowd for the green space behind the Hall. This is a busy community playground with equipment, ball diamonds, and future recreation amenities planned.

The quilt block, "Village School House", reflects the original one room school with white clapboard while the yellow windows symbolize the warmth of the community.